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Discussion created by ca.portal.admin on Mar 31, 2008
Well, in regards to L2 CA support et al, I dont think any of them had
IDMS experience at user sites in the first place. I've heard one of
their managers comment that it's impossible to find local BAL expertise.
I doubt that they'll find it in India either. CA's management, and
Cullinet for that, reasoning has always escaped me, but I think it may
be safe to say that the IDMS folks do not drive CA corporate management
decisions in Islandia.

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Re: Is this difficult?

A little story about golden gate. When Cullinet gave up on this thing we had
about 50 copies of it in the Charlotte Office in the store room.

The Sales Manager donated all 50 copies of it to the Boys town Television
Auction (Fund Raiser).

I don't know if they sold it or not, but it was fun watching them auctioning
off the software on TV.

Bill Allen
An old timer.