Re:Re: Is this difficult?

Discussion created by ca.portal.admin on Mar 31, 2008
I don't begrudge offshore workers getting jobs to feed their families.
So let's reason together and don't hit me over the head until you read
the rest.

There are jobs Americans simply do not want anymore - everyone wants to
get into the ""newer"" technologies. This is why CA, in its commitment to
IDMS, is training people in India (I did hear this from a reliable
source in Level 2 a while back). Does any one think that the IDMS
developers will be here forever? Some have already retired. Could L2
start retiring someday? Of course. After all, as I heard my manager say,
""You can't find any IDMS person (DBA or programmer) anymore under the
age of 50.""

So CA has no other choice but to farm these jobs offshore where workers
are willing to be trained and support products such as IDMS. On the flip
side I'm sure the cheap cost of paying the employees is a major factor
and does affect the existing crop of IDMS players like other
outsourcing. long does it take for an offshore worker to gain
expertise in IDMS? The answer is through experience and no one can top
the current CA IDMS developers, Level1 or Level2 people or the IDMS user
community when it comes to that.

Just my opinion.