Re: Is this difficult?

Discussion created by ca.portal.admin on Apr 1, 2008
"" ... High school people are not going into technical fields because
qualifications don't last and they will be outsourced. ..."".

Do you really believe that a High School grad is that aware of declining
skill sets over time? Nonsense. The vast majority of teenagers are
interested in what makes money today, what is cool, or ****, etc.

Every profession has skill set requirements that become obsolete over
time and they require constant upgrading to stay current. Doctors,
lawyers, accountants, engineers, welders, plumbers, forestry workers,
and on, and on experience changes in technology that require upgrading
of skills. Why would a rapidly evolving environment like IT be any

We are responsible for our own marketability. We are also responsible
for the consequences of not maintaining/upgrading our skills.

Vince Jensen