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I take exception with the statement ""we are responsible for our own
marketability"". Why? Because foreign outsourcers are government
subsidized, where their government trains their population in modern
skill sets, provides the infrastructure with tax dollars, and then
markets their population's skill, thus increasing their own tax base.
They have a government by the people for the people, we in the US have
empty campaign slogans. I think that is at the root of the outsourcing
phenomenon, and it's an informed opinion.

Lutz Petzold
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Re: Is this difficult?
"You validate my opinion. You experienced a reduction in demand for your
specific skill, recognized it and switched to a field that could provide
you with an income. Bravo! You were able to make the switch because of
your basic education. And you didn't sit on your backside and say ""Woe
is me. Some one owes me a job because ... ""

The first time I was outsourced, I was terrified of not having a job. It
has since happened to me 2 more times. Recovering quickly once could be
called lucky. Quick recovery 3 times becomes a rule. Now the prospect
of out sourcing does not bother me, other than being a short term
inconvenience. I will have a job tomorrow, and next year. Probably, as
today, with another outsourcer.

Vince Jensen