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We have a client on Rel 16.0 SP2 running CASDATA.

The INFOR vendor has a compatible release.

Cheers, Andrew Daly

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Subject: CAS on IDMS 16.0

Hello All:
I see no reason that any release of CAS can be installed in IDMS 16, if
do not have CASDATA.
I have a number of customers running various releases of CAS on IDMS 16.
However, I do have one client running CAS 1.3 on IDMS 12.1 and they
upgrade because of CASDATA. They are a heavy user of CASDATA and like Mr.
Wayne Doneker stated they dropped support in the early nineties and the
vendor of
CASDATA wants' an extreme amount of $$$$$ to catch up back maintenance in
order to get a current release of CASDATA that will work with IDMS 16.
It would be nice to know if anyone is using CASDATA on IDMS 16?
William M. Allen, Jr.
ARCH Consulting Associates, Ltd.
(704) 641-0296

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Re: Mysterious occurrences of 0226 status code
"Yeah, I can see that, but doing anything with the datasets on the
production volumes requires a lot of red tape, and RACF pretty much
keeps anyone from fiddling. Also, I would think that that would cause
more widespread problems than we are experiencing.

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They could also be doing things like, ""I'm going to move these DB files
from DBAPACK12 to DBAPACK29 because DBAPACK12 is getting too many
errors."" By backing up the DASD prior to having the areas varied
retrieval or offline, these kind of things can happen.


Richard Pierce
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