CV Tuning Tips

Discussion created by ca.portal.admin on Jul 31, 2008
Hello All:

Can you share tips for saving CPU Cycles inside the Central Version.

We are running 16.0 SP2 on Z/OS 1.7 very soon to be 1.9. We have a lot of A=
DS/O and a lot of DC-COBOL programs. ON Production we only do a load module=
migration, there is no source code.

I am aware of turning off symbol tables, what about diagnostic Tables? (Lo=
ad Modules Only, in Production)

I am aware of including the Built in Functions in ADSOMAIN.

We are using the High Speed Storage Protection option, we have five storage=
pools, 0,1, 128,129 and 255.

We also have PREFETCH on in the central version as we have very large buff=
er pools, is this a big CPU eater?

Any other things that we can do to save some CPU Cycles?

Bill Allen
ARCH Consulting Associates, Ltd.
(704) 641-0296

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Re: CV Tuning Tips

If most of your data access is random, PREFETCH can hurt you. We use it only for local mode batch jobs that sweep areas sequentially.