how to get cobol ii dc cobol to access above-the-line storage?

Discussion created by ca.portal.admin on Aug 14, 2008
its been so long since i had to deal with this -

all of our DC COBOL program are loaded to to the non-xa non-reentrant
program pool

they were link edited with AMODE ANY RMODE 24 (this does not seem right,
but oh well)

one of these program is causing our pool 0 to go short

there are no funky assembler calls - getstg or any of that ilk ...

1) what can a "" normal"" cobol program do to use pool 0 storage - just
allocation of working-storage?

2) what can I tell them to do to make this program access XA storage pools
- link edit as AMODE 31 RMODE ANY ?

the tasks that might cause this program to be invoked all appear to be
location any


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Re: how to get cobol ii dc cobol to access above-the-line storage?
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The AMODE=3D31,RMODE=3DANY place your program-code above the line with =
31 bit mode addresses.
data(31) places your working- storage above the line.
Be carefull with combinations of data(31) and data(24) (it only works =
one way)

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