Splitting the Journal archive file.

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Hi all,

We want to split the archive journal file and subsequently process that

information with other utilities.

CA has said that we can't use CULPRIT to do this (see below) and that

others have written programs that perform this function.

Have any of you done this, and would you be willing to share? I don't

look forward to re-inventing the wheel.



Richard Pierce

(617) 973-8911

From CA:

""Hi *** - no you cant use Culprit (simply) to do what you are asking.

The journal file is a fixed block but within it can be different journal

records of different lengths. We use the user module CULLJRNL to read

the journal file and de-block it for use with the journal reports. If

they use this then they can apply selection criteria however Culprit

only processes one record at a time and if you then tried to write this

record back out it is not in the format expected by all the journal



""If you didnt use CULLJRNL then you would need to know specifics about

the journal file. yyyy said customers have written programs to do what

this customer is looking for (not necessarily in Culprit).""
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Re: Splitting the Journal archive file.
"Hi Dick,

Depending on how you want to use the data, you could use IDCAMS remembering
that this is a physical record split. I often use this method for testing
Journal data.

John Abell

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