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Discussion created by ca.portal.admin on Nov 6, 2008
Hi Everyone: I have a question for folks using IDMS TCP/IP under R16.0. We are currently using IDMS TCP/IP to support web-based apps coming in from WebSphere. We are contemplating doing selective data replication to ORACLE and MS SQL Server databases using TCP/IP enhancements to existing IDMS-DC applications. Has anyone out there done this type of replication without the benefit of a third-part product ? If so, I would appreciate any information you could share regarding your experiences. TIA Hal Govan Senior Database Administrator Reed Elsevier - Technology Services Phone: (937) 865-7820
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Re: IDMS Data Replication Via TCP/IP

We replicate to a data warehouse on MS SQL server. The rational
was to get reporting cycles off the mainframe to free cycles for
other work.

Our replication is done via a third party product except for updates
done by our local mode batch processing (no journaling). Those are selectively done by
a program we wrote that creates SQL syntax that is FTP'ed to MS SQL Server.

Since you are asking about TCP/IP does that imply real time replication?
We FTP our SQL files to the data warehouse server and they have a process
that is kicked off to apply the SQL updates. I am not aware of a
canned real time process on the SQL server side with which CA IDMS TCP/IP
code could communicate. (that does not mean there is not one)

Terry Schwartz
Perot Systems