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A couple of, ahem, not unbiased comments:
- the code required in support of this is not insubstantial, it may
require maintenance when and if CA changes the TCP/IP interface
- replication over TCP/IP is not going to be recoverable in the same way
as real time replication over MQ or offloaded journal based replication
using ftp
- if the code is embedded in an application, there is risk of the
application failing when an outboard component is unavailable
- if the code is independent of the application, say in an exit, then CV
performance and stability are issues=20
- a means will be needed to replicate during database recovery, perhaps
some means of reading the journal
A third party replication tool might address these issues at a
reasonable cost.
Jim Phillips
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Date: Thu, 6 Nov 2008 11:35:35 -0500> From:
Harold.Govan@REEDELSEVIER.COM> Subject: IDMS Data Replication Via
question for folks using IDMS TCP/IP under R16.0.> > We are currently
using IDMS TCP/IP to support web-based apps coming in> from WebSphere.
We are contemplating doing selective data replication> to ORACLE and MS
SQL Server databases using TCP/IP enhancements to> existing IDMS-DC
applications.> > Has anyone out there done this type of replication
without the benefit> of a third-part product ? If so, I would appreciate
any information> you could share regarding your experiences.> > TIA> > >
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Re: IDMS Data Replication Via TCP/IP
"At Justice Information Systems we have developed an in-house ""mini
replication suite"" which we have passed along to Kay Rozeboom at State
of Iowa - I believe they have made use of some of our components but I'm
not sure for what purpose or for what success. If you are interested I
could send you some documentation - it is not as comprehensive in its
functionality as the ISP or ObjEx functionality (as examples of fully
functional replication suites) - but it does a job. Features: no
application changes, ""generic"" processing for single records (no
customised code, sends XML based on IDD, uses TCP/IP, table driven.

We have used it for one project - it helped prove the concept of this
type of software - we have since purchased ObjEx because ""home grown is
not good enough"".

HTH - cheers - Gary=20

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