Mysterious occurrences of 0226 status code

Discussion created by ca.portal.admin on Jan 22, 2009
To all the experts,

We have had a particular batch program abend twice in the last three
weeks with an 0226 status code. The program's purpose is to ERASE all
the records (only one type, CALC, no sets) in the area, while
calculating statistics from those records. In both instances, in the
interest of getting batch processing done in a reasonable time, we
reFORMATed the area, and did without the statistics.

Can anyone suggest any non-obvious reason how pointers in an area with
one CALC record type and no sets defined might be getting corrupted? We
have no production local mode update jobs in this application.

Gary Bryson
Database Administrator, SG Database Group Delta Dental/EDS Denti-Cal

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Re: Mysterious occurrences of 0226 status code
"Clearly you can't be doing an area sweep - are you ? I do not understand
how you can get a record not found or no duplicates found on an ERASE.
The ERASE verb requires currency to work - so surely you would have
obtained next in area or CALC'd in on a key from a flat file. Can you
tell us a bit more about the logic / access plan? I find this very
puzzling. Are you running under CV or local mode?=20

Cheers - Gary=20

Gary Cherlet
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