resolving EXTEND SPACE

Discussion created by ca.portal.admin on Feb 24, 2009
i am interested in how other IDMS sites deal with this

when you EXTEND SPACE to ""dynamically"" give more space to an area,

do you immediately (within a week) follow up with an unload/reload/reorg
to make the entire area calc-available,
or do you wait for a pre-existing open window (within 3 months),
or do you never revisit the area to resolve the extend space?


Chris Hoelscher
Senior IDMS & DB2 Database Administrator
Humana Inc

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Re: resolving EXTEND SPACE
"Hello Chris:

It all depends when the Client will allow the U/R maintenance to be
performed. I prefer to U/R it as soon as possible, but that is not always

At ARCH Consulting we do not use EXTEND SPACE on network data base
structures with CALC records. I have used EXTEND SPACE on network data base
structures that did not have any CALC records in the area.

A few weeks ago I made a post regarding EXPAND page against an area that has
had an EXTEND SPACE performed. I would like to report that I have done this
successfully but with some difficulty in altering the area to change the
page size and add original page size. When I initially did this I lost the

What I ultimately had to do was DROP the AREA and add it with the original
number of pages, page range and files then alter the maximum pages to the
new number of pages. After that I then had to go back and re-issue the
EXTEND SPACE commands into the new file in order to get this correct.

There has to be a better way?

William M. Allen, Jr.
ARCH Consulting Associates, Ltd.
(704) 641-0296