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Discussion created by ca.portal.admin on Mar 20, 2009
why would the app abend after copying data? DATA does not know about
record ids - so of you OBTAINed occurrances of record A (id 1001) and
STORED an identically defined record B (id 1005) in another CV via DML
who cares about record id? or am i missing something?

Chris Hoelscher
Senior IDMS & DB2 Database Administrator Humana Inc

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Re: Question about IDMS record ids
"I think the problem is with the way that the pre-compiler expands the
calls to IDMS. The ""record names"" exist in two places - once in working
storage with (usually) the 01 level named as the RECORD-NAME, and also
as an 03 level under 01 level RECORD-NAMES sort of like 03 SRnnnn pic
x(16) value 'RECORD-NAME'. - in the expansion of the call to IDMS to
manipulate a record with DML - the RECORD-NAME is passed as the area to
return the data to (once the BIND RECORD is done) and the SRnnnn is
passed as the identifier of the record being manipulated by the specific
DML verb. Clearly if in one environment SR9999 is an EMPLOYEE record and
in another SR9999 is a DEPARTMENT record IDMS will complain bitterly -
as appears to be he case here.

HTH - cheers - Gary =20

Gary Cherlet
Justice Technology Services
Department of Justice, SA Government
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