IUA Connections March 2009 Issue now available

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The IUA Connections March 2009 Issue is now available at=20 - /Archives/Connections - the ""teaser"" for this=20
issue is the following table of contents. I hope you enjoy some, if=20
not all of the articles.
Remember you need to be registered at this site in order to access the
archives - however this is FREE!
Please let me know if there are any topics in particular that you=20
would like to have covered in future issues, or if you have a story=20
that you would like to share with the rest of the IDMS User Community.
Cheers - Gary
Inside the March 2009 Issue
Letter from Editor ...1
Message from the International Chair ...3 Benutzerkonferenz ...3 CARE
2008 ...4 CA World ...4 Gebruikersdag/Jour Des Utilisateurs IDMS ...5
Messages to Management ...6 The COBOL XML Parser ...8 CA IDMS CV Journal
Sizing ...9 We are 15 Going on 17 ...12 Why is my Load Area so Full?
...13 Preparing CA IDMS TCP/IP for Daylight Savings ...14 Is it OK if I
Sign on? ...15 Securing CA IDMS TCP/IP Sockets ...16

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Re: IUA Connections March 2009 Issue now available
"I login to and navigate to the Archive Connection
screen: Topics for Connections Issues
I can see the list of connection archives but the articles are all
greyed out. How can I download the March 2009 connection article.

I think I am registered to IUA as it displays a welcome my name message.

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