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Hello Everyone,

One of our programmers contacted me asking about debugging a COBOL
IDMS/DC program. We have ADS-Alive and On-Line Bugger for dialogs and
IDMS/COBOL batch programs we have IDMS Trace. Is there any tools or methods
for debugging this type of program. Thanks for your help.

John N. Baloga
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Re: IDMS / COBOL Debugging Tools
"Hi John,

Dan is correct; your best bet in debugging a DC-Cobol program without any
intrusion into the code is Online Debugger. This procedure is non-invasive
(no code changes) and can be easily learned by the programmers. Debugger
runs when the program is active so you have the ability to view/change
values in storage and redirect the outcomes. If your programmers like
ADS-Alive with its capabilities of looking at and changing values on the
fly, then online debugger is for you. It's a bit tedious but once you
figure it out, it works like a champ.

If you want more help in setting this up, please contact me offline and I
will be glad to tutor you or your programmer.


Linda J. Casey, PMP, CSM
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