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Discussion created by ca.portal.admin on Sep 16, 2009
We are investigating the installation of CA-IDMS Server. Any suggestions regarding training, etc.?

Jacki K Hamilton
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Madison Gas and Electric Company
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"Jacki, there is no formal training for CA IDMS Server at present.
However, the installation itself is relatively simple and should be
well-documented in the user guide. If you don't have a copy, it can be
downloaded from Click the Documentation link on the
left-hand side, select CA IDMS Server Option, and then release 16.1 and
the desired language to get a PDF file. =20

Most of the questions customers have about IDMS Server are regarding
usage: what type of driver(s) to use; how to configure application
servers like WebSphere; how to re-use existing IDMS code, etc. There
are a couple of webcast replays that can give you a start, found here:

I suggest viewing the following two webcasts:
- Implementing CA IDMS Modernization Techniques=20
- A Detailed Look Secure Compliant Standards Based Web Access with CA
IDMS Server 16.1

If you want more detailed information about SQL routines, there are
three webcasts titled ""CA IDMS Modernization Series..."" that would be

There are also a number of technical articles and short video
presentations related to CA IDMS Server. To view these go into, select the Knowledge Base Search option on the left-hand
side, then use ""IDMS Server"" as the search argument. You might want to
select only ""KB Articles and Product Pages"" to limit your results
(otherwise you'll get fixes, problems, etc.).=20

The CA World 2008 presentation handouts are still available here: I
found that it was easiest to order results by Track; after this the IDMS
sessions start on the 3rd page. There are several sessions dealing with
IDMS Server, SQL and modernization.

Finally, I believe that a couple of the services people have done ad-hoc
on-site training for some customers. I'll try to confirm this and let
you know. =20

If you have specific things you'd like to discuss, feel free to contact
me directly or simply open an issue.

Dave Hearn=20
Sr. Sustaining Engineer=20
tel: +1 302 478-1020 =20