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IS ro12490/1 to be the published fix corresponding to your test fix?

Chris Hoelscher
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you only need to test the programs that you want to work correctly

From: ""Pereira, Carla E"" <Carla.Pereira@CA.COM>
Date:09/01/2009 04:16 PM
Subject: [IDMSVENDOR-L] FW: [IDMS-L] finding all OBTAINING USING .....
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Hi Chris - I don't have a utility to scan the source but I did write an apar (TB99850) to help out with this situation. =20

The apar first changes the generic DML004 message issued in this case to a more descriptive DML084. With the apar applied and optional bit settings, you can control the severity of the DML084. This will allow precompiles complete with a warning or successful return code. As you have done, we strongly suggest that the programs are addressed and corrected as encountered to add the terminator the OBTAIN USING DML.
However we have found situations like yours where it is helpful to not have a hard error for this situation. Changing the severity to a warning will allow the precompile step to complete but warn you that the situation in the program needs to be addressed. Remember if FIND/OBTAIN USING DML statement is not coded properly runtime errors can occur.

The apar can be requested by opening an issue with Technical Support.
It has not been officially published yet.

Thanks, Carla

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