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we tried this for 5 years - but we had to abandon - throughout the day on e=
specially on heavy CVs - the offload + append job would take longer and lon=
ger to run as the aggrgate would get bigger and bigger (this was tape which=
was probably a mistake) - at times all journals would fill becuase it took=
to long to run one offload job and they were of course singltthreaded

we now offload journals and logs as they fill - and then run an idcams to g=
et the GDGs created during the day and build a daily tape and then delete =
the GDGs just merged


Petra LaFrese wrote:
We use a much simpler method. When offloading journals, we add the=20
offloaded journal file to an aggregate journal file. Once a day in the=20
evening backup job, we dump the aggregate file to tape and then
the aggregate file so we essentially have a day's worth of journals on=20
one tape. It is not exactly a real-time day because of when the job is=20
run, but since it is run at about the same time every day, it is what
could call a 'processing' day.

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Re: [IDMSVENDOR-L] automating journal file concatenation (regarding a vendor's product)

I work with the vendor company ASG (Allen Systems Group).

In regard to this discussion ""automating journal file concatenation"" - here is a link to a page mentioning a few things about the product - ASG-Journal Manager :

Disclaimer: - I'm sending this only to the IDMSVENDOR-L list - NOT IDMS-L - so if something like this offends (coming from a Vendor that is), you may want to subscribe only to the IDMS-L list (instead of idmsVENDOR-L).

Extra background note: We built the Journal Manager product originally to meet needs of customers who use one or both of a couple of our other products: ASG-Tracer ( ASG-Replication Suite ( So Journal Manger is ""thrown in"" with the purchase of either of the other two journal related products - however we have also packaged it's functionality to allow it to be purchased ""stand-alone"" and we have customer's who use it without any of the other ""works with"" ASG-products.

(I'm on the support team for a couple of the above products so feel free to call or email me. As those of you who have spoken with me earlier know, I really like discussing just about anything related to IDMS Journaling!).

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