Re: [IDMSVENDOR-L] Access to Lock Data Used in PMRM?

Discussion created by ca.portal.admin on Mar 9, 2010
We used to have an Exit 5 routine on our Australian IDMS User Group
""routines tape"" - that so long as you had TASK COLLECT turned on in Sysgen
you could use the User Group supplied Exit 5 to write the stats to SMF - we
used to use the SMF Write function of Cullinet's own SVC to do this. Looked
just like the real thing. Cullinet Australia (as it was in those days) hated
my guts as it cost us PMRM sales after that was brought in - but customers
were happy and that was my ""raison d'etre"" as far as I was concerned. That
code has long since disappeared into a bit bucket - I hope! 8-)

The simple answer though is - that without PMRM - the average customer is
not going to be able to write stats to SMF. If you don't have the reports
they're not of all that much value in any event unless you take the time to
write your own.

Cheers - Gary

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