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then perhaps the real question becomes:=3D20 =3D20 does Ms Kline need this =
information real time as it happens, or can=3D20 daily reports suffice=3D20=
=3D20 if the latter, then certainly the log can be interrogated and all=3D=
20 necessary information can be retrieved=3D20 if the former - good luck - =
even if you sat all day executing lockmon=3D20 you MIGHT see stalls buildin=
g, but many deadlocks could come and go=3D20 between two hits of the ENTER =
key=3D20 =3D20 chris=3D20

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Re: [IDMSVENDOR-L] Access to Lock Data Used in PMRM?
"Some bright spark had the idea of using CSYPGNUM, or a variant thereof, as an extended run unit in the premap to get a ""next number"" (as such the Cobol program currencies would be included in the ADS currency save/restore logic) - which the user can then decide to use or not to use in the response process business logic.

This may be the type of update that you are referring to?

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