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Old and creaky memory:

'78? Newport Beach
'79 Boca Raton
'80 dunno
'81 dunno
'82 San Francisco
'83 New Orleans
'84 Las Vegas (I believe)
'85 Boston?
'86 St. Louis?
'87 Anaheim?
'88 ?
'89 Atlanta

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Subject: Memories of ""user week"" - Doral CC

Anyone still remember the ""user week"" at the Doral CC in Miami?

Right now I can't remember if it was a Spring Conference or the Fall
Conference. Transfering some slides to JPGs I ran across some pictures
from the conference and I'd like to get the dates somewhat straight. It
was either in the fall of '81 or spring (March/April?) of '82 - any

Besides the sigs, the thing I remember most is the opening reception -
amayzing! The largest oyster mountain (on ice) I've ever seen - and
it's where I learned to eat oysters :D


Richard Pierce
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"Re: Memories of ""user week"" - Doral CC"
"74 ? was in Washington, DC. Attended as an EDP-Auditor/Culprit user. When
the presentation shifted to ""idea mess"", I had no idea what they were
talking about, so I left and toured the Smithsonian for a couple of
daze...the shrimp at the opening reception were great! ;-}}