Statistics for ADS Buffer Tuning - UCL Update

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THE IUA User Contributed Library (UCL) has been updated with the file. It contains a Power Point that shows the
output pertaining to the number of signed on ADS users, the number of
VDB's in use, the number of primary and secondary RBB's in use, and the
number of currency control blocks in use - then shows average usage for
each of these resources.=20

The ZIP file also contains the complete instructions for uploading the
source code and system generation statements to your mainframe, and what
to do with the source when you get it there.

As for ""what to do with the statistics?"" - come to CA-World 2010 - see
my ""Readers Digest of IDMS System Tuning"" presentation - and all will be

Bon chance - a bientot - Gary =20

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Re: Statistics for ADS Buffer Tuning - UCL Update
"Fair dinkum.
Works a treat.
Looking forward to seeing how the stats look on our production systems.
Have to wait to June before we install IDMS 17.1, tho'.
Had to add some periods to the cobol work record (last 3 lines) before
it worked right. But assembly and compile were no problem.