Integrated index calculation request

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I have always used the IDMSPACE utility in the User Contributed Library to =
do these calculations.

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Can you have amnesia twice? How would you know?.

Can anyone provide a calculation for integrated indexes that takes these 3 =
=3D inputs;
Number of full SR8's per page( we usually choose 3 )
Maximum Keylength

and produces the correct value for;
Index Block Contains

Thanks. There are several formulas in the Listserve logs that seem to be i=
=3D ncomplete or perhaps wrong.
Steven Kuske,
The State of Iowa
IDMS 3rd-party providers forum


Re: Integrated index calculation request
"Dave - I can't see the IDMSPACE utility on the UCL page - did you get it from a different page? I wonder if it has gone ""walk about""? I am getting a good supply of XLS and XLSX spread sheets from our ""listers"" - all of which I'm including in a ZIP file and uploading to UCL. I'd like to include the one that you picked up as well if you still find it useful - and if it's not already there and I just didn't recognise it for what it is?

TIA - cheers - Gary

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