IDMS 17.0 SP1 and Above the Bar

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Hello All:

One of Chris's comments created a question for me. Can IDMS 17.0 SP1 use any
memory ""Above the Bar""?

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Re: IDMS 17.0 SP1 and Above the Bar
"I'm just a little more than two weeks out putting R17 SP1 into production.
I have a couple of observations:

1) You are going to need three LE modules for this release. You can run them
from LPA or from CDMSLIB. It doesn't matter if ZIIP=N or ZIIP=Y is

2) Running the LE modules from CDMSLIB increases above the line storage
requirements. Running from LPA has a very tiny increase in above the line

3) ZIIP = Y requires the IDMS software library to be authorized. If you
don't, IDMS complains and forces ZIIP=N.

4) DMCL processing is different. Pre 17 SP1, the DMCL is loaded into the XA
Program pool. Now it is loaded into storage pool 255. When you do a
display of storage pool 255 you'll get two entries for it. One is what is
set in the SYSGEN and the other is for the DMCL. There's a technote that
explains this.

5) You must specify ZIIP=Y to measure ZIIP potential. The enclave isn't
created until you specify ZIIP=Y. Use DCMT D SUBTASK ? to see what is going
on. Two CPU measurements are reported, time on ZIIP and ZIIP time on CP.
If you don't have a ZIIP the time will be reported as ZIIP on CP. You can
look at SMF 72 records for the same information. You won't get any ZIIP
numbers until ZIIP=Y.

If anyone running with ZIIP=Y would like to add to this list, I would
appreciate it. I've only been looking at this for 10 days and still have a
lot to learn.

Mark Grindstaff