Re:Re: [IDMS-L] [IDMSVENDOR-L] Strange thing in IDMS 17.0 SP1 DCLOG

Discussion created by ca.portal.admin on May 7, 2010
The problem I had wasn't with the WTOEXIT, it was with the WTOREXIT. I have
highly customize WTO/WTOR and the WTO and WTOR communicate with each other.
Having them linked as separate modules didn't work right, the shutdown of
IDMS tells the WTOR to do some things, which didn't occur. It wasn't a big
deal until I used the exits on a CV with DB SYNCRO active. It put SYNCHRO
into a loop at shutdown and the only way out was to cancel the IDMS CV. I'm
sure the problem was one my end, I didn't have time to address the problem
since running with a customized startup fixed the problem.

Mark Grindstaff