ORIGINAL PAGE SIZE clause of the AREA statement for expand page example

Discussion created by ca.portal.admin on May 21, 2010
Does anyone have an example that includes the 'ORIGINAL PAGE SIZE clause
of the AREA statement'?

The pages are expanded but the space management pages are not relocated.

Therefore, when you redefine an area whose page size has been expanded,

you must use the ORIGINAL PAGE SIZE clause of the AREA statement.

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Re: Area's defined to a subschema
"Here's a Culprit solution to locate which Subschemas have a particular AREA=
- this can also be useful - just change Schema and Area combination on DEF=
AULT line - HTH - cheers - Gary=20

PATH01 S-010 SA-018 SSA-024 SS-026 =20
KEY S-NAM-010 ( '&&1' ) =20
SEL SA-018 IN PATH 01 WHEN SA-NAM-018 =3D '&&2' =20
01OUT 79 D PS DD=3DSUBS =20
01SORT SS-NAM-026 =20
013 Subschemas FOR Schema: &&1 Area: &&2 =20
0151*020 SS-NAM-026 HH 'Subschema' =20
0151*030 DATE-CREATED-026 HH 'Date Created' =20
0151*040 TIME-CREATED-026 HH 'Time Created' =20
0151*050 ERR-026 HH 'Error?' FM 'Z' =20

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