PU or EU in SQL?

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Does anybody know if it is possible to run an SQL update using IDMSBCF agai=
nst a network DB in Protected or Exclusive Update?
For example if I want to do DELETE FROM PSCHEMA.CUSTOMER; then the number o=
f record locks generated is enormous and I want at least PU or even better =
EU anyway because clearly I don't want anybody trying to add or modify a re=
cord when I am deleting the whole lot. My system would generate several hun=
dred million locks and go SOS if I tried it in SU. But my journals are big =
enough to do it.=20
At present I have to find a field which I can select on to break up the del=
etes into manageable chunks and then I can issue a Commit in between. But t=
hat doesn't solve the sharing the DB problem.
etc etc until all the CUSTOMER records have gone away.
Actually it is more likely that I would be doing an Update and not a Delete=
but the principle is the same. =20
As far as I can see, you always get Shared Update when you use an SQL. Obvi=
ously I should and do use DML to do such things but my question is still va=
Before anybody tells me to use FORMAT on the AREA, I would point out that t=
he area can and does contain other record types. And anyway this is a mythi=
cal example. I need the Customers otherwise I don't get paid.=20
And I don't want to run it local either. =20
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Re: PU or EU in SQL?

If you embed the SQL in a COBOL or ADS program, you can specify ready modes for each area, including PU and EU, when you create the access module.