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i thought DB2 did have VIA - i think you can store multiple tables in one
segmented tablespace with the children stored in the vicinity of the parent
??????? that seems fairly close .....

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08/24/2010 02:17 PM
Re: [IDMSVENDOR-L] DB2 gets a db-key
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Not only is it in IDMS but Cullinet had that capability in their first = SQL
offering, Enterprise DB for VAX and UNIX back in 1988! The decision =
makers in the relational marketplace yawned. Some might say they were SLOW
by taking 22 years to figure out that B-Trees are not the only way to index
data but not me. That would be rude. Like you, I too am pleased to see
them learn something from IDMS. Dare we dream? Could VIA SETs be next?

BTW I think ORACLE does have a hash key mechanism of some sort. From = the
10g performance and tuning page: ""Support for hash partitioned global
indexes has been added in Oracle 10g"". 10g? Wasn't that recent? Well = at
least they're ahead of DB2.=20

IDMS is still the best,

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