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I can't go into details, but, we have mission critical IDMS applications =
and many cv's servicing them. None of the IDMS folks believe that IDMS =
is going away soon. Sometimes we build more cv's, sometimes we retire =
some. =20

From my personal point of view, sanctioned by noone, is that the =
strength of IDMS longevity is due to the custom built, purpose built, =
applications that use IDMS. These were built in the 70's, 80's, 90's, =
and very expensive, if possible, to rewrite. Unfortunately, the IDMS =
folks are not the JAVA/SQL/.net/ASP/Websphere experts, nor is a =
promotion of IDMS technology feasable in that world. Since today any =
conversions have to be funded by the departments owning the application, =
it is not cost effective in these financially challenged times to simply =
rewrite an application for the same functionality, just =
because...However, SAP is making big inroads in the applications world =
due to its global accounting potential, and of course the advantage of a =
shrinkwrapped, standardized package, and SAP isn't certified with IDMS, =
so it's only a matter of time until IDMS licenses are not good business =
anymore. This is my personal opinion only.

Lutz Petzold
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Re: IDMS app age?
"You betcha!

About the only thing not connected is crash info.

ALARS is the BIG monster on the block. 750 million records and growing.
From Dick on the BlackBerry

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Hi Dick,
Thanks for the info. Which part of the Mass. RMV transactions touch ALARS? Like today I just renewed my wife's car registration online; did that hit ALARS? -Greg

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