Re: Convert IDMS from NONSMS to SMS

Discussion created by ca.portal.admin on Dec 1, 2010
Steve,  from my experience,  SMS does nothing for IDMS database administration. 
When SMS was  implemented in my shop,  we excluded the IDMS DASD from SMS.
SMS might be a benefit for DB2 but that is a subject for another listserv.  :-)
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From: Steve Carlson <steve.carlson@NSC.COM>
Subject: Convert IDMS from NONSMS to SMS
Date: Wednesday, December 1, 2010, 5:30 PM

How can I convince management and other IS support personnel about
converting from non sms environment to a SMS environment.

Is there a good business savings  presentation for doing this conversion?

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Re: Convert IDMS from NONSMS to SMS
"In our shop SMS managed ""database"" files is much easier from a backup stand=
point and request for space requirements was greatly simplified, no need to=
find individual volumes for space we just have ""volume"" space added to the=
SMS pool (and our Storage Guys take care managing it), and for our Disaste=
r Recovery site as well. We are a DB2 and IDMS Shop, so we are familiar wit=
h the process. I just moved all my JOURNALS and LOGS to SMS managed files =
on my upgrade to Release 17, and our system files are on Environment Volume=
s to simplify our upgrade process ""A high level indirect pointer is set for=
our Test, DEV and Prod LPAR's, so we can use the same file names for our d=
ifferent LPAR's system file names, and thus stage in changes to a Test LPAR=
, DEV LPAR and then Production LPAR). Overall it has simplified our work o=
n managing the data, for our (Storage Team), gives a SMS pool for these fil=
es. It is the direction in our shop.