Re: Convert IDMS from NONSMS to SMS

Discussion created by ca.portal.admin on Dec 2, 2010
It has been beneficial to us.
We have moved to mod9s and mod27s from mod3s.
PAV is a must-have.

We no longer worry, therefore, about dataset placement, nor really about fi=
le-size, as we used to. We just let SMS place the datasets... including Jou=
rnal files, which used to be on dedicated volumes.

We do still limit file-size such that it is easier to ""Tetris"" all the file=
s into our available space, but we no longer arbitrarily limit the %utiliza=
tion of a disk drive. So that is a tangible economic benefit, too.

We used to have to do a lot of ""tuning"" to correct DASD & Channel performan=
ce bottlenecks as the application evolved, but now we do not. This benefits=
DBA (& the company of course) by removing the need for the outages to move=
datasets around and the drudgery (& risk) of manual load balancing.

A good, experienced Storage Manager (person) helps the transition a great d=
eal -- although it seems like a straight-forward process writing SMS rules,=
everyone seems to stumble over it the first few attempts ... the learning =
curve is painful for all concerned.

A little DBA training in SMS STORCLAS, MGMTCLAS, & DATACLAS overrides -- an=
d the ACF2/RACF authority to use them -- makes overcoming shortcomings in t=
he SMS rules possible, and easy.