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Sub-projects associated with multiple (parent) projects - Notify/ Stop

Question asked by brendanj1 on Nov 7, 2011
Latest reply on Nov 8, 2011 by another_martink
Hi all, This may be one of those questions where I'm missing something fundamental in Clarity and therefore missing the plot, but I have a request which I'd like some guidance on. Our data warehouse and finance system can only handle a one to one relationship between parent and child (whether project/ sub-project or programme/ project set-up). The impact in these other systems is that if a sub-prj has a many relationship it is going to be counted many times against work done/ resource costs, and therefore throw out issues in these systems. I have looked on a number of threads and thought that using a trigger could flag (via an error message type approach) to a user that this "sub-project x is already associated with project y" and therefore stop the user from completing this action. I know the system will allow a fairly deep hierarchial structure between parent - child as inv_flat_hierarchies demonstrates.

Problem is I am quite certain my OnDemand/SaaS environment (12.1/ Oracle) does not allow me to create triggers, and creating custom portlets, though viable, is an post-action consideration, which is unlikely to encourage users to go back in a undo their original action. So any suggestiuons on where to start/ re-think my approach.

Appreciate your time/ thoughts as always.