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How to create link to Change Request List ??

Question asked by marlon on Nov 8, 2011
Latest reply on Nov 11, 2011 by marlon
Hi - In the Project List view, we'd like to have a virtual field (image) on the project object that can link off directly to the Change Request List for that object id.
I can see that the action generated (by going to Project, Risks/Issues/Changes tab, then clicking on "Change Requests") is like this (with the object id passed through): action=itl.changeList&id=5041157&
But cannot see any way to choose this Link to incorporate into the Project List view.

Any ideas appreciated to avoid the multiple key-strokes it takes to get to a projects' Change Requests (and without having to create a custom query/portlet) would be appreciated.
Failing that, if anyone knows how to make the default page of "Risk/Issue/Changes" be "Changes" instead of "Risks", that would at least avoid 1 extra key stroke.

I look forward to any suggestions anyone has.