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XCELSIUS Stock (out of the box) Dashboards

Question asked by cshah on Nov 9, 2011
Latest reply on Nov 23, 2011 by cshah

I need assistance (or high level steps) with enabling the out of the box XCELSIUS Project Status, Resource, Financial, and Portfolio Dashboards in Clarity PPM. see attached ppt.

I understood that CA provided these as .SWF files that I could load into Clarity? I have downloaded and installed Xcelsius 2008 on a windows XP, office 2007 Virtual machine on the domain. I checked all the folders and did not see these files. I have downloaded and read the Xcelsius Implementation Guide, however, it does not mention how to locate and install the dashboards.

What am i missing? I will call CA, however, wanted to reach out to the community first.

Background Information
-We have upgraded our Dev and Test environments to 12.1.2. Therefore, would be utilizing Dev environment to test this capability.

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