IDMS System Tuning Diary (1998-2011)

Discussion created by Gary_Cherlet on Nov 21, 2011

As discussed during John Siracco's "System Tuning" session at CA World - I have uploaded our "System Tuning Diary" to the User Contributed Library for the IUA Community Member's enjoyment. In Section 8 there is a discussion about USER/NOUSER on the TASK clause in the System statement for "System generation" parameters.

Tags: idms, cpu increase, idms-dc, idms, cwa, multi tasking, task definition, storage pools, user storage, user-kept storage, max tasks, cv, storage, statistics, idms-db, user contributed library, production, performance monitor, cpu per task
Document: IDMS System Tuning Diary (1998-2011)
Description: Contains a description of all System level tuning changes made to our Production environment at Justice Information Systems (South Australia) from 1998 through to 2011. Some items are discussed in detail, in other cases we just list the before and after values. In most cases we provide at least a brief description of the results (either positive or negative).

Here's the direct LINK to our IDMS System Tuning Diary (1998-2011) -->  to save you navigating through the Document Section ! 
Gary Cherlet