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Ideas for executive dashboards within Clarity

Question asked by matpj on Aug 16, 2010
Latest reply on Nov 10, 2010 by LoriHagewood
Hi all,

I'm considering creating an executive dashboard or portlet page (as we havent really embraced portlets to their full extent yet)
We are vurrently live on 7.5.3 - with 12.0.6 in test
I'd be looking at creating the same thing on both version - i'm guessing 'dashboards' replace portlet pages in the old versions?

Anyhow, i was wondering if anyone out there can give me some good ideas as to what information/portlets to include on such a dashboard.
I'd probably want an executive level one and a project manager level dashboard.
Has anyone got examples of ones they have created, with screen shots so that I can get an idea of what to include?

Any help/advise/suggestions would be gratefully appreciated

Thanks in advance,