How to run XOG using Apache ANT Script

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How to run XOG using Apache ANT script
11/27/11 12:30 PM
I have a solution to run XOG using Apache ANT script.
<project name="Migration" basedir="." >
Script de migração entre ambientes.
Identifique os parâmetros deste script definidos em build.properties.

<property file="extract.properties"/>

<target name="task.properties" description="Initialize build properties">
<path id="classpath">
<fileset dir="${var.migration.dir}/${var.xog.client.lib}" includes="**/*.jar"/>
<format property="TODAY" pattern="ddMMyyyy" locale="pt,BR"/>
<echoproperties prefix="file."/>
<mkdir dir="${var.migration.dir}/${var.xog.input.dir}" />
<mkdir dir="${var.migration.dir}/${var.xog.output.dir}" />

<target name="task.xog" description="Extract the XML files from source server." >
<java classname="${var.xog.client.class}" classpathref="classpath">
<arg value="-username"/>
<arg value="${var.xog.client.user}"/>
<arg value="-password"/>
<arg value="${var.xog.client.password}"/>
<arg value="-servername"/>
<arg value="${var.xog.client.servername}"/>
<arg value="-portnumber"/>
<arg value="${var.xog.client.portnumber}"/>
<arg value="-input"/>
<arg value="${var.migration.dir}/${var.xog.input.dir}/${var.xog.project}.xml"/>
<arg value="-output"/>
<arg value="${var.migration.dir}/${var.xog.output.dir}/${var.xog.project}.xml"/>
<jvmarg value="-Xms 1024m -Xmx1024m -XX:MAxPermSize=512m"/>


var.migration.dir = .
var.backup.dir = backup
var.xog.input.dir = xog/templates
var.xog.output.dir = xog/write

var.xog.client.lib = lib

var.xog.client.class = com.niku.xog.client.XOGClient
var.xog.client.user = ????
var.xog.client.password = ????
var.xog.client.servername = ?????
var.xog.client.portnumber = 80
var.xog.client.input.file = in.xml
var.xog.client.output.file = out.xml

PS: You need a xog.jar e other jars in your classpath, see in the Clarity classpath.

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