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Modify Actuate Report: Add Fields to Query

Question asked by Lowell on Aug 20, 2010
Latest reply on Sep 2, 2010 by Chris_Hackett
Hi All,
I have a grouped report with the following query:

SELECT, a.last_name, a.first_name, c.slice_date, c.slice resource_hours,
f.full_name extra_field, 'PATH' path
FROM srm_resources a, prj_resources b, prj_blb_slices c, srm_resources f
WHERE = b.prID AND = c.prj_object_id AND c.slice_request_id = 111111 AND
a.is_active <> 0 AND b.prIsRole = 0 AND b.prPrimaryRoleID = (+)

The basic code behind this adds different conditions or modifiers for different criteria. When I add additional "Columns" to this query, the report gives a message "Report not configured correctly".

I have put the "variables" in the ".ROL" library file for "UNIQUE_NAME" and put "a.unique_name" in the query. (This causes the report to give the failure message).

Any thoughts on adding new fields to this report?

How do you edit the groupings?