working with globally-distributed "temporary" associates

Discussion created by Gary_Cherlet on Dec 5, 2011
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I certainly know what to expect of myself, but not necessarily know what to expect of others .....

We had a situation where a (local mode) job was abending (with 0361) - this had been happening over several nights - the resolution (as suggested by the on-call team) being "just keep re-starting till it runs successfully" (seriously) When re-running 4 or 5 times did not succeed they finally called me in - I noticed that the 0361 was occurring at a different place each abend (even different record types) - I didn't see any jobs running (now after the fact) that would interfere - so I have them operations run the job again and lo! And behold! It ran fine - I suggested that if the job was critical enough to call me - then it should not be local mode in the first place ... (never heard back)

Is it reasonable to expect a developer assigned to the application to understand the concept of local mode vs CV mode processing - and to be able to detect the symptoms of a "phantom" (as opposed to real) broken pointer?
I seem to remember the old adage about broken pointers - if it doesn't happen twice (at the same spot) - it never happened once

If I am expecting too much from our globally distributed year-duration associates, then I will just have to live with that - but somehow I don't think so - what do other shops expect from their application developers / troubleshooting teams (if such a difference exists at your shop) ?

Chris hoelscher