Educating Developers

Discussion created by Gary_Cherlet on Dec 6, 2011
Linda has a point ( read point here ). Sometimes you just have to bite the bullet and invest some of your own time and effort in educating developers. Here are some things we do at our site that seem to help:

1) We maintain an internal web site for developers with IDMS manuals, FAQs, sample code and JCL, Powerpoint presentations from past CA-Worlds and IUA workshops, etc.

2) Our developers are scattered around the city, so we have an internal listserv for their use.

3) When someone makes a major error, I write up a summary of what happened (removing identifying information), explain how the problem can be avoided in the future, and send it to the internal listserv. You could do the same thing with a mailing list.

Yes, this all takes time. And no, it is not in my job description. And yes, I end up having to repeat the same things sometimes. But I have an ulterior motive - I don't like being awakened at 2 a.m. either. If it saves me some middle-of-the-night calls, it's worth the effort.

Kay Rozeboom