CA Tuesday Tip:CSF Extension Output Character Incorrect

Discussion created by RichardRozentals Employee on Dec 6, 2011
CA ESP Tuesday Tip by Richard Rozentals, CSF Extension Output Character Incorrect for December 6 2011

Time to time you may find that some characters output to the screen may not be the same as the input. The common example is when a backslash ('\') is output with a SAY command. Like this:

SAY path

In the above example you may see the output like this:


The (\) may be replaced with a (:).
The reason you may see this is due to your TSO character set. The character set for US English for TSO does not have the back slash.

To get around this TSO character set problem you may want to consider using a ISPF panel or Message as a output method. ISPF has it’s character set that is separate and from the TSO character set.