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Moving Accelerator Portlets from DEV to PROD environment

Question asked by Georgy N Joseph on Dec 12, 2011
Latest reply on Dec 13, 2011 by another_martink
Hi Friends,

After testing out all the portlets that came with a particular clarity accelerator(NPD,PPM Essentials,PMBOK,PRINCE2) we decided to move some of the chosen ones to the PRODUCTION environment.

We initially thought of just xogging out the portlets from DEV and xog them into the PRODUCTION. But we got errors saying column or DB field missing in the xog in logs. What we guess is that we are missing some of the columns in the DB that gets created on the Accelerator package installation. Right?

Do we have to install the addon in the PRODUCTION and delete all the not-needed portlets from there?
[color=#f90808]OR [color]
Is there a way to avoid accelerator installs in PRODUCTION?

Please help,