Upgrade to Svc Pack 4 with PMO/PPM Accelerators

Discussion created by KartheepanR on Sep 2, 2010
Hi All,

We are in the midst of testing the upgrade from a base Clarity 12.0 to Service Pack 4.
We have PMO 1.3 & PPM 3.1.0 installed on our base environment.

On an initial installation testing, we are getting an issue where the PMO entry in "Add-In" section of the admin side, disappears after the Service Pack 4 installation.

Our Current Installation test path is as follows:

Install fresh Clarity 12.0.0 version
Install PMO/PPM Accelerators
Migrate Producton Database onto current test environment
Upgrade to Service Pack 4.

Has anyone else encountered this issue? Also, does anyone know if there are any risks associated to installing Service Pack 4 on top of the PPM/PMO accelerators? Does anyone have a different recommended installation path than what I have listed above?

Any suggestions, feedback or inputs will be most appreciated.