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Changed NSQL in Query Object, Protlet does not see the changes?

Question asked by Alex_Feldstein on Dec 15, 2011
Latest reply on Jan 5, 2012 by Alex_Feldstein
We have a custom portlet (done before my time here). It runs a Query Object (NSQL) and puts some information in a grid.

Users now request two more columns. Easy enough to change the query (NSQL). I have added the two new columns but they do not show in the Layout for the Portlet as available to choose from.

The Portlet acts as the query has not changed.I do not see a way to refresh the portlet link to the query.

In the Portlet's General page the qury name is read/only. I do not see an option to edit and re-link to a query.

Is there not a way to edit, other than deleting the whole portlet in the Portlets Filter screen and re-doing from scratch?