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Webi (value(s) from list) population

Question asked by cshah on Sep 14, 2010
Latest reply on Sep 17, 2010 by cshah

I have created a custom universe for a table that is driving majority of our custom created attributes. I have an object that is a data type Date.

In the table the field has values or dates I should say.

When I get to my webi in infoview and drag this object in the query filter section, i was hoping i would see value(s) from list and therefore set the object to prompt, so the user can select a date and get the results, however, value(s) from list is grayed out???

My question is what drives some objects to have values in list and others not. I can see in the back end (our table) that this object has data in the field however the list is not populated?

Is it a setting? Did I do something wrong? hmmm.

Thank you in advance.