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Weblogic Portal Cache List

Question asked by rdimar on Sep 30, 2010
Latest reply on Apr 21, 2015 by Hiko_Davis
Hi all,

I just want to throws this out to the community.

Has anyone instrumented the Weblogic Portal - dynamicCacheList.jsp?

This page would normally be found via the url
http://<server>:<port>/<your ear or app>/monitor/dynamicCacheList.jsp

This page is driven by
Interface name - com.bea.p13n.cache.Cache
Implementation Class Name - com.bea.p13n.cache.CacheImpl
· Method to retrieve cache instance for “cacheName” – com.bea.p13n.cache.CacheFactory.getCache(“cacheName”);
· Method details to get different cache attribute values (cache is a variable of type CacheImpl retrieved using above method call) –
o cache.getSize() – to retrieve current size
o cache.getMaxEntries() – to retrieve max entries allowed in cache
o cache.getTtl() – to retrieve Time to live for a cache entry.
o cache.getHitCount() – to retrieve current hit count.
o cache.getMissCount() – to retrieve current miss count.
o cache.getHitRate() – to retrieve current hit rate.

Thanks in advance.