an IDMS V18 ... "opportunity"

Discussion created by Gary_Cherlet on Jan 19, 2012
In any version, if you have ADS-ALIVE or DMLO or DME installed, it may at times utilize ONLINE-SORT whether explicitly installed or not - up thru and including V17 - a "default" TPSPARM was delivered even if ONLINE-SORT was not explicitly installed - in V18 TPSPARM was inadvertently not delivered in such a case - rendering ADS-ALIVE (and presumably DMLO and DME) severely handicapped

The work-around? 1) assemble and link the TPSPARM macro (job03 does include the JCL needed to perform such a assembly/link) OR use the V17 version of TPSPARM - CAt has confirmed that either work-around is acceptable!

Chris Hoelscher