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No Task, Process, Requests in ITPAM Admin Screen

Question asked by Bob_Lomax_UK on Jan 20, 2012
Latest reply on Feb 16, 2012 by Bob_Lomax_UK

I'm a relatively new user of IT PAM 3.1 SP1, just running through a first eval setup and using the tutorial XMLs.

I have everything loaded OK, EEM and ITPAM working, logged on and able to view the Process Automation Manager browser and start the Workflow Client.

Part way through the tutorials I am asked to run an exercise that uses form input and this should be done from the Manager Task List. When I check I actually have problems seeing any detailed data in the Manager browser frames.
My lists are empty, and when I try to load the Task List, All Tasks option, my browser sits at the rotating disk & egg-timer, but no detail is ever shown.
It does this same browser loading hang with some other options from the selection list too and Ctrl-F5 refresh is the only thing that seems to stop it and return to the Manager screen.
Stranger still is the Default Process Watch, All Instances list which has no detail lines on it, yet it has a Message on a bar saying "Displaying 1 to 65 of 65 Instances".

Perhaps I have some data view permissions issue but I can't find it anywhere.

Can anyone help?


Bob Lomax

Follow up:

I believe that the rotating Wait & egg-timer are appearing wherever there are 1 or more rows of detail data to be displayed.
I have confirmed this by having a screen that I no had no detail records appear fine, then when one (a User Interaction) was done, the screen started putting up the Wait & staying there from that point on each time I tried that User Interactions option.
Still don't know why it is having so much trouble retrieving and displaying the details however.