Clarity On Demand v13 Upgrade Process

Discussion created by gidvi02 Employee on Jan 30, 2012
The Clarity On Demand v13 Upgrade Process follows a staged yet flexible approach for upgrading clients from prior versions. In general, the process is as follows:

1st Stage (For Major Version Upgrades Only) - Customers receive a temporary "Preview" System with a copy of production data for use for 3 weeks.

2nd Stage - In the 3rd week, a client's Test system is automatically upgraded (testing transition should be performed in the 3rd and 4th week from Preview to Test as the Preview system is reclaimed at the end of the 4th week).

3rd Stage - Clients may request the upgrade to Production by opening a support ticket (opened under the Go Live Project Site ID for major upgrades) once ready. Opening a support ticket as far in advance as possible will increase the chance of being able to upgrade Production on the weekend of your choosing with the exception of monthly maintenancre windows.

4th Stage - Development is upgraded one week (6 business days) following the scheduled Production upgrade.

Please review the Product & Release documentation located on the appropriate v13 Bookshelf within the CA Support site ( in order to prepare for this upgrade.

If your organization would like to proceed with the upgrade to v13, please request the upgrade by opening a ticket via CA Support ( A representative from the On Demand Team will work with you on scheduling your upgrade.