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GEL XOG file size limitiations when parsing XML????

Question asked by michael_weller on Feb 1, 2012
Latest reply on Jun 5, 2013 by martin.snizek
I'm using this exact code inside a GEL script to process an XML list of resources in XOG format.

I can run GEL to pull the first 90 percent of this file, and I can pull in the last 90 percent of this file as well, I know the GEL is okay.

But, when I run the entire file, I'm getting errors within the process.

This is about 1500 resources and 22K lines of XML if that helps.

Does anyone think this is a soap limitation? I'm pretty sure it's not the XOG client as I've pulled in 11 MB files of project data before.

We're only going to handle the nightly adds, mods and terminations in this manner so the files will NEVER be this big. I'd just like to confirm this is a soap limit if anyone knows this.

Thanks in advance;

BPM-0704: An error occurred while executing custom script: org.apache.commons.jelly.JellyTagException: null:39:62: <soap:invoke> Failed to send a SOAP message generated to 'http://localhost/niku/xog'.HTTP Error: Status-Code: 502: Proxy Error at com.niku.union.gel.tags.soap.InvokeTag.doTag( at at.................."